Muscat Regatta 2015.Bank of Beirut Chairman's Cup Announced! We look forward to seeing you there.

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Travel in Oman


Muscat (Marina Bandar Al Rowdha)

From the airport - drive along the main highway (Al Sultan Qaboos St) following the signs towards Mutrah. Once you reach Mutrah you will see a coast road that takes you past the port. Keep following this road. Eventually you will see a sign lablled Sidab. Follow the signs and you will drive pace the Royal Palace. Once you get to Sidab keep driving straight and after about 2 minutes you will see a signpost "Marina Bandar Al Rowdha" turn left and you are here.

How to get to Khasab

Flights leave Muscat Airport daily, please see for flight times.
Ferries also leave from Mutrah Port twice a week, please visit for times.

The drive from Muscat to Khasab takes around 6 hours, but easily done for those of you who prefer to drive.


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